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2016 Questionnaire for San Diego County Republican Central Committee candidates.

Lincoln for San Diego County Central Committee March 3, 2020

I continue to seek your support.
Keep talking about the values that give us Freedom, Prosperity and Peace of Mind.
We are planning for the 2020 elections. Join us in our fight for American values!

Thank you for your support in this important election.
Your votes keep hope alive that at some point
our city and our country will get back on track.
Smaller government, lower tax rates, balancing budgets,
reasonable regulations, and real transparency in government.

My Goal: Make sure kids learn the 4 R's.
Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and oRation.
If a kid learns to read and write
and to do math
and is able to get up in front of at least a small group
and express his or her ideas effectively,
that kid has the tools to continue to learn and to explore the world
and to be successful.

Updated: February 26, 2020:

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Chula Vista Tea Party

A libertine squanders his liberty.

To be a free man in America,
is better than being a tyrant, warlord or sycophant in any land.
Any man or woman who disrespects our Bill of Rights,
is an enemy of our freedom.
Take a stand and fight that enemy
with your words and your courage and your vote.
Fight that enemy today
or bow your head and risk being a slave tomorrow.
It takes much spilled blood for a slave to regain his freedom.
Freedom is not free.
Not here in the U.S. Not there in the Middle East. Not anywhere.
Respect it. Value it. Preserve it.
Your vote, your words, your courage,
a small price to pay for such a valuable possession.
Many have paid with their blood, their body parts and their lives
to gain and protect our Freedom. Respect their sacrifices.
Vote for a person with integrity. There is almost always one on the ballot.
Too many of us have been voting for the lesser of two evils.
If we see evil in government why are we surprised?

We have our best young Americans dying overseas to give other peoples the right to self determination and the right to vote. Yet here in America, so many of us are too lazy, too aloof, too apathetic, or too uncaring to cast a vote that shows we care about our neighborhoods and our country. We have been staying home on election day or voting the lesser of 2 evils for so long, we have permitted evil people to enter our government. Many of these people who violate, abridge and infringe our Declaration of Independence don't consider themselves evil or that their activity is criminal behavior. I believe when people violate the law and cause death or harm to their fellow citizens they can be called criminals; whether that law is called the penal code or the U.S. Constitution. Congress often chooses to abandon its responsibility to enforce the Constitution. There often seems to be no justice system to enforce the Constitution. Our vote on election day or our vote when we sit on a jury are our last bastions for preserving our natural or God given Rights. Our Constitution attempts to preserve these Rights and our Freedom. Our Constitution only works when we the people hold our leaders accountable to its mandates. Maybe if we consistently sought out and voted for candidates with integrity and belief in our Constitution instead of the people with the most splash & cash, we would eventually have a government that respects us and represents us and our American values as specified in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution. Hey, think it might be worth trying? Remember, the elite multi-millionaires, union bosses and corporations want slick liars and cheaters running our government. They want people who are good at hiding their major character flaws for they can be bought and/or manipulated into giving them the sweetest government contracts and the best tax breaks while letting the average citizens shoulder most of the costs and pain of government. The elite who know the secrets of these liars and cheaters can easily remove uncooperative corrupt politicians from office by publicizing their transgressions. Voters and politicians are manipulated and the voters are non the wiser. When we fail to vote or we rubber stamp the lesser of two evils with our vote, we are accepting the eventual demise of our Freedom. When we fail to do our political homework and vote on who has sent us the nastiest words about their opponents, we often help liars and prevaricators become "outwardly respectable" leaders. We need to do a lot of research to weed out the scoundrels and villains that too often wind up winning important elections.The cost of our laziness and inattention will be endured by those recently born and those who have yet to be born. Now, go do the right thing!

"History does not entrust the care of freedom to the weak or timid." - Dwight D. Eisenhower - January, 1953 in his inaugural address.

"Always vote for principle,
though you may vote alone,
and you may cherish the sweetest reflection
that your vote is never lost."

John Quincy Adams

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