Lincoln Pickard
California State Assembly 2018
District 80

I am spending my own money so that I can fight for
the conservative Values presented on this website!
My wife assisted me in gathering the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot.

I will be happy to spend time with you and/or your neighbors in your home.
Call for an appointment: 619-575-0133

I want to thank you and all Californians and any other folks who worked with me in spreading the word about our positions and our values that can make California a better place to live and work. I want to thank all who voted and joined me on June 5, 2018 in asking Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher to change the way she represents us. We ask Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher to put average citizens first instead of the special interests that are driving so many of our citizens to other states. So many of her actions are not in the best interests of the average California citizen. And that is why California has such a huge debt. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat cohorts enact legislation that is the root cause of why we have such a large homeless population here in California. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her fellow Democrats are responsible for the water shortages that are unnecessary. Again, bad legislation. So many values and issues that are improperly handled and keep California from being the Golden State, the greatest state in the United States of America as it once was. Thanks again to the voters and supporters who continue to join me in working to make California Great Again. Thank you, Lincoln Pickard - June 7, 2018.

Why I am running against the Democrat incumbent.
If you agree, I ask for your vote.

I thank my conservative friends that have given us a light and a platform that will improve the lives of all Californians.
Follow this link for more details.

Government is here to serve the people.
Your conservative vote can start us back to being the best place to live in America, again!
You can not make these changes by voting for higher taxes, more government red tape and bigger and more regressive and overbearing government or by staying silent on election day.
We live in a republic where the people (that's you and I) vote for other people who will represent us according to the campaign promises they make while running for office. We have a constitution that has served us well for over 240 years. This constitution limits government power and protects our individual rights. The government gives us courts to settle disputes and to punish criminals that hurt their fellow citizens. The government keeps us safe from foreign entities that harm or threaten our citizens. It does the work that we cannot do as individuals or as private organized groups of individuals. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard supports this time honoured tradition.
To me your vote is very important!

Your vote is your most effective means of communicating with your elected representative. Lincoln Pickard maintains that your vote with a message is the most effective way to communicate with any elected politician.
To increase the effectiveness of your voice with our State Assembly person Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher call or write her. Let her know you are planning to vote for Lincoln Pickard because he will fight to _____ (fill in the issue or issues important to you.)
If she promises to fight for your issue or issues, ask if she is serious enough about the issue or issues to make the promise on her website. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher can start working on your issue or issues right away. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher is very strongly (overwhelmingly) favored to win this election. In fact the "Smart Money" says Lincoln Pickard has no chance of winning this race. Do not let her tell you that putting the issue on her campaign website will hurt her chances of winning the election. If she refuses, you know what her promise is worth.

Call Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher at her Sacramento office at:

Write her at:
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher
1350 Front St., Suite 6022
San Diego, CA 92101

Tweet to:
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher at:

When you vote for Lincoln Pickard,
what are you saying to your current Democrat Assembly member?
Here is what you are saying to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher:

  1. I am against the increased gas tax.
    • Every product we buy has to be moved and is moved mostly by vehicles using gasoline or diesel. The gas tax increase will add to the cost of moving those products. Eventually that will increase the cost of almost every product we buy. These increased costs will barely be felt by the millionaires and billionaires that control and manipulate the Democrat Party - (see below). But these price increases will have a nasty negative effect on the budget of every citizen of California on a fixed income. Join Lincoln Pickard in letting our Democrat Assembly person know that these gas tax increases are not wanted by most of us and that the current tax rate is enough to keep our roads in excellent shape. Roads that were built with the old gas tax rate revenues.
    • Democrats have raised the gas tax over $700.00 per year per average family in California. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says to the Democrats, "Stop hurting my family!". My family needs that money more than we need an over priced high speed train to nowhere. A train that needs to travel 30 miles per hour in several locations. A train that Democrats over promised on benefits and under estimated on cost. Join Lincoln in saying NO! to these new taxes.
    • How many remember that Governor Gray Davis was recalled based mostly on raising taxes on our automobiles? Democrats like to tell you they are progressive but they regularly do regressive stuff like raising gas taxes. This new gas tax hurts people struggling to make ends meet and to balance their families budget. The millionaires and billionaires and attorneys who influence and run the Democrat Party are little effected by this regressive tax. Our votes are the only way to keep our representatives from writing laws that negatively impact our lives.
    • Many Democrats like to see higher gas prices. They want us out of our convenient form of transportation, our cars and trucks. Democrats want us on public transporation. Democrats seem to believe higher gas prices will force us to use public transportation or to buy vehicles they think we should drive. Say "No!" to Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat authoritarian bullies that want to tell you how to live your life. Your vote for Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher or your silence on election day gives these intimidating goons the right to enact legislation that restricts and controls your life.

  2. I am against the added fees for car registration.

  3. I want more of the fresh water and snow that falls on California to be captured by lakes and dams so that lots of water is available in our dry years. Capturing more water and snow in our wet and rainy years can give us all the water we need in our dryer years.
    • More water storage facilities will give us all the water we Californians want and need.
    • This will help prevent a lot of the flooding of streets and homes. You've seen the videos of homes destroyed by flooding in our wet years. Saving this water in lakes and dams solves two problems.
    • Orange grove owners and other farmers will have the water they need to be prosperous and to lower the cost of groceries.
    • With a greater supply of water, the cost of water will go down. Lower water bills.
    • Democrats refuse to provide us with all the water we want and need. Instead they are going to build tunells for a starting price of $15,000,000,000.00 (Fifteen Billion Dollars) (that's a million dollars spent fifteen thousand times) that will not give us any more water but will raise the cost of water we consume. California needs to capture and store more water that will decrease the cost of water and will eliminate the water shortages we currently endure. (Again, this is another regressive policy from the Democrat leadership that negatively impacts the average Californian but is hardly felt by the millionaires and billionaires that influence and run the Democrat Party. See list below.)
    • Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is a way to say "No!" to the Delta Tunnels that will not provide more water but will raise the cost of the water we all use and need.

  4. I want to lower or to even eliminate the state sales tax and maybe even eliminate the state income tax.
    • Drilling oil in the ocean off of California will produce royalty revenues to lower or eliminate the sales tax and maybe eliminate the state income tax.
    • Many new good paying jobs will be created.
    • People making more money will demand services and that will create even more jobs.
    • More gasoline produced will mean a bigger supply of gas and lower gas prices at the pump.
    • The Submerged Land Act of 1953 passed by Congress gives California the oil and mineral rights to the first 3 miles off of our coast. The oil leases should not be awarded to the companies making the biggest campaign contributions to politicians. 50% of the royalties from these leases should go to the residents of California. These royalties can go to first reducing and eventually eliminating the state sales tax and then the state income tax. Tax payers and California businesses would all benefit from the elimination of a sales tax that financially hurts everyone living and/or doing business in California. Can you visualize that nasty 8% tax gone forever? Many would buy a new car every year. With so many used cars available, the price of a good used car would come down. Folks could look at the oil rigs a couple of miles off the coast and feel fantastic about how those oil platforms have improved their standard of living.

  5. I don't like the Democrats supporting and abetting the killing of our newest and most vulnerable citizens. Lincoln Pickard will work to preserve the lives of our newest citizens who represent the future of our country. The murder of these innocent citizens is unconscionable and immoral. God has given us life and surrounded us with precious people that we love and that make life worth living. Say "No!" to Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and the abortionists that allow and perform the killing of our most valued, and most loved and our most defenseless citizens. Your vote or your silence on election day defines how you feel about human life.

  6. To American citizens who have a Mexican, Indian, Spanish and/or other heritage in their family background. Lincoln Pickard has Scottish, English and French heritage in his background. Lincoln Pickard believes we are or we become Americans because we want to be free. We want to have control of our lives. Our United States Constitution gives us the opportunity to live as free men and women. If you want to be told how to live your life, their are plenty of tyrants and dictators around the world that are willing to tell you how to live and what to do and not do. However, even as free people we need some laws and a sheriff to enforce them. Almost all men have chosen not to live in the Garden of Eden. Don't bring Mexican law to the United States. Don't bring a British King and Queen and royalty to the United States. Don't bring French, Italian or German law to the United States. Don't bring Russian, Chinese or Japanese law to the United States. We have a system that has brought wealth and prosperity to ourselves and has improved conditions all over the world. Don't vote for people that want to change that system. If you like the freedom and prosperity you see around you, don't try to change the system because you feel deprived, learn like most of us have to live within the system which produces the most happiness, freedom and wealth for average human beings. When you live in the system and adapt to it, you are no longer an average human being, you are an American citizen, which is a very special breed. We are hard but we are friendly. We are often greedy, but we are also generous. We are brave, but not foolish. We like to follow the law, but we can be outrageous and cantankerous. As you adapt, you gain the pride and the confidence to be successful. Your spirit feels the freedom and you are happy and thrilled to be called an American.
  7. I am against the Democrat passed regulations and taxes that are driving good businesses and good jobs out of California.
  8. The Democrat Party and their candidates are supported by Billionaires and Millionaires: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Marc Cuban, George Soros, Tom Steyer, Reid Hoffman, Steven Spielberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Marc Benioff, David Paul Morris, (This a partial list of billionaires.) Here are some of the multi-Millionaires: Teresa Heinz (John Kerry's wife and Heinz Ketchup heir. They do make great ketchup but ...), Barbara Boxer, Alice Walton ( a Walmart heir), Seth Klarman, Mike Bloomberg, Meg Whitman, Daniel Acker, Bernie Sanders, Michael Moore, Dianne Feinstein and her husband Richard Blum (94 million), Nancy Pelosi, Betty White, Oprah Winfrey, Cher ... This is not the Democrat Party of your parents and grand-parents. Why folks who are rich because of the capitalist system, now want our country to be a socialist country is a mystery that defies logic and understanding. These are folks and families that climbed the ladder of success and now want to pull that ladder up trying to keep the rest of us from being as successful as they are. When you are this rich, it is almost like having slaves who will work for you at $10 or $15 per hour. Maybe even less than that if they have no legal standing in our country. What is Marxism? In Marxism, the proletariat is the working class, including farmers and low-skilled factory workers. They do not own any means of production. The bourgeoisie are the capitalist class, the wealthy, who own most of the means of production. Maybe it is not so weird that some billionaires and millionaires are Democrats and want to progressively move our country to socialism and then to Marxism.

  9. Want to buy a pickup truck? Liberal Democrat over regulation is cutting down on your choices. Here is a link that explains why you can't buy a new regular cab pickup truck. Just another example of Democrat run-away over regulation that eliminates choices and is actually counter productive to even the reasons the regulation was enacted. These regular cab pickup trucks are actually more environmentally friendly than the ones we are forced to buy. Your friends who vote Democrat support limiting your choices.
  10. The Carr Fire kills 8 people and destroys over one thousand homes. Think about how many animals died painfully as the forests burned in what may be the worst recorded fire in California. Those who don't vote or who do vote Democrat can share in the responsibility for this disaster. The elected Democrat leaders bow down before the environmentalists and pass laws that stop pruning and maintenance of forest areas that could keep forest fires from becoming calamitous events that drain the finances, the time and in some cases the spirit or the very lives of many of our fellow Californians. It is time you opened your windows and yelled out, "I'm not going to take it anymore!"
  11. I want better roads and highways for my car, instead of the Democrat high speed rail system that is promoted by special interests. The costs of the high speed rail are costing twice as much as promised and the 200 mile per hour train will be going 30 miles per hour in many locations. These are two of the negatives that the voters didn't know about when they voted for bonds to build the "high speed" rail system. Unmentioned here is the projected private investment that was to be part of the funding for this project. Investors backed out after doing their reseach on the project. And of course the timeline for completion of the project had to be extended. The executives in charge are making up to and more than $300,000.00 per year. They are preaching patience while they are trying to overcome the negatives. Many of us could ask others to be patient if we were getting paid $300,000.00 per year. This project would be a funny joke if our new gas tax dollars weren't paying for this fiasco of a political train wreck. As a voter I don't want any more of these Democrat projects and policies that exaggerate the benefits and underestimate the costs. Only my vote can stop the Democrat madness and frenzied chaos in the state legislature in Sacramento.

  12. I believe marriage is there to protect the children created by human activity. It also protects the spouse who abandons a career to care for the home and whose main job is raising the children. Marriage is there to establish the sacred relationship between a man and a woman that want to establish a new family. The families established by marriage are the building blocks of a strong society, giving children the background to deal with both men and women when they mature.

  13. I want children to get a better education. I want to have the choice of which school my children will attend. Other parents should also have that right to chose.
    • California used to have the best public schools in the country. Under Democrat law makers, our public schools are now rated in the bottom 5%.
    • With Lincoln Pickard I am against the Federal Government or the State Government mandating the subjects, teaching methods or other requirements that they like to force local schools to follow. These are options that parents, teachers and local school boards need to choose. Teachers have studied hard to learn their occupation and gain through experience the best way to teach children. Coordinating with parents and the local school boards, they are capable of educating children and preparing them for a successful life. These are the folks closest to the children and the people best qualified to make the decisions about curriculum, syllabus and course of study for the children.
    • Lincoln Pickard would vote against Assembly Bill (AB) 2926 which threatens home schooling.
    • Lincoln Pickard says, "Back in the day, California had one of the best school systems in our country and the world. The folks voting Democrat all these years have changed all that."
    • California Democrats are proposing legislation that effectively will trap families in unsafe and failing schools. People voting for Democrats continue to perpetuate the Democrat doctrine of limiting families in their choice of educational alternatives. Read More
    • This may be the most important reason I am voting for Lincoln Pickard. I want Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and all Democrats to know why I am not giving her my vote.

  14. Sex Education in schools for children: (Vote Democrat) if you believe children (11 to 14 years old) should be exposed to explicit sex education material, including gender identity, sexual orientation, sex trafficing, contraception and HIV education in the classroom by their teacher, this can be achieved and/or maintained by voting Democrat. Parents don't always know that they need to opt out of this program for their children. However, if parents opt out, the other kids will probably share with their children what was taught in the classroom. If you believe that the public school classroom is not the appropriate place to mandate explicit sex education, then you will want to join most Republican parents voting for Lincoln Pickard for State Assembly. Remember, your friends who vote Democrat are demanding that your children attend public schools where explicit sex education is taught in the classroom. Also remember it is next to impossible to fire or terminate the employment of a pedophile teacher. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is a strong way to say, "No!" to the mandated explicit sex education that is championed, sponsored and enacted into law by Democrats.
  15. Pedophiles may be teaching your children sex education with explicit materials. Democrats and the teachers' unions have turned a blind eye to pedophiles and some reports have teachers unions protecting known pedophiles. Your vote or your friends vote for a Democrat keeps pedophiles on the pay roll and often moved to another public school. Your vote and your neighbors' votes are the only way to stop the practice of protecting pedophiles. Click here for a report on pedophiles in public shcools. More. Do an internet search for "Pedophilia School" for more reports on this issue. Democrats protect the teachers unions with laws and legislation, and then teachers unions, which give cover to pedophiles, give Democrats tons of money and support to get elected and reelected. Only your vote can stop the outrageous abuse, and atrocities perpetrated on children, that too often get ignored, and are condoned by your votes for a Democrat and by your indifference shown when you don't vote. Democrat voters should feel ashamed for the wickedness caused by their votes. Feel good about your votes for conservative Republicans. Ronald Reagan said, "Trust but verify". This issue is too important to leave to chance or to overlook because it is too horrible to contemplate.

  16. I believe in the right of law abiding citizens to have the right to keep and bear arms. Our Democrat legislature and governor continue to pass laws that undermine this most precious right. The right to self defense keeps me free and protects my family. With enough votes Lincoln Pickard will stop any new laws infringing the 2nd Amendment and will start working on repealing the gun control laws that make living in California more dangerous. Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson on Tuesday issued a four-word tweet as she shared a link to a New York Times op-ed written by former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens that advocated for the Second Amendment’s repeal. “Repeal the Second Amendment,” says Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter Peterson in a Tweet. If you want to repeal the 2nd Amendment, you may want to vote for Democrat Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher. If you have done the research and know that gun ownership by law abiding citizens saves lives, you may want to vote for Lincoln Pickard. (Your vote for Lincoln Pickard tells Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and other Democrats, in the most powerful way you have to express that opinion, that your right to protect yourself, your family and your freedom with a firearm shall not be eliminated.) Lincoln Pickard's NRA rating can be found here:

  17. I do not believe in Sharia law. (Democrat law makers and other Democrat elected officials seem to accept and/or embrace Sharia law.)
    • I do not believe a woman should be "Honor Killed" because she dishonors her family.
    • I do not believe homosexuals, Jews or Christians should be killed because of Sharia Law. (Your vote will say this to Democrats and the enemedia who say Islam is a religion of peace.)
    • I do not believe women or girls should be violated and/or cut with a razor blade because of Sharia law or the Koran.
    • I believe anyone who becomes a citizen of the United States needs to take a loyalty oath (Oral and written) to our Constitution and to abandon the laws they previously lived under. New citizens should bring much of their culture with them. The mixing of many cultures makes our country stronger and more interesting.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking my Assembly person to fight for the United States Constitution which keeps me free, happy and gives me the opportunity to be prosperous.

  18. I want secure borders. ( Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says this to your elected representative.)
    • I do not want criminals from foreign countries to have access to my street or my neighborhood. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • We are currently paying for foreign criminals to be locked up in our jails. Democrat legislators are currently paying for the incarceration of these criminals with my tax dollars. These criminals should never have been allowed into our country in the first place. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • Foreigners are costing the State of California (That's us!) $23,000,000,000.00 per year according to FAIR. That's about $600.00 in state taxes per California citizen per year. That cost for your family goes up when you add in Federal Tax expenditures for citizens of a foreigner country. With your Democrat vote your family of 4 is giving up $2500.00 a year to support citizens from a foreign country. This impacts your health care, pot holes, parks, resources for your children's education, etc. This is a minor or nonexistant expense for millionaires and billionaires who fund and promote the campaigns of Democrats and who profit from open borders. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders!"
    • Our working citizens are currently competing for jobs with foreigners who are here illegally. This is driving down our wages and our benefits and interferes with our ability to negotiate for better working conditions. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • Non-citizen foreign workers who will work for less money and benefits are taking jobs away from American citizens and some of these displaced workers lose their homes and join other citizens on the street and become part of the homeless population. The Democrat majority on the San Diego City Council want to raise taxes to pay to help citizens that wouldn't need help if we had secure borders. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • Drug cartels are causing high crime and murder rates in Mexico because they compete to sell illegal drugs in the United States. I want these drugs and any illegal smuggling to be stopped at our border. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • I want foreign students, H-1B workers and anyone immigrating to our country to be treated the way immigrants have traditionally been screened. Screen immigrants for contagious diseases. Screen immigrants for loyalty to the United States and to our citizens. Screen immigrants with an FBI background check. Remember Ellis Island. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says, "I want secure borders."
    • I do not want California to be a sanctuary state. I remember Kate Steinle killed by a non-citizen criminal on a San Francisco pier. Kate is just one in the long list of our citizens killed, violated and/or injured by non-citizens that are illegally in our country. Giving sanctuary to non-citizen criminals who cross the Arizona border and commit crimes in Arizona and then run home to California as a sanctuary home base has become so bad that an Arizona legislator suggested they needed a border wall between Arizona and California. Some people are laughing at this little joke. I am not laughing, I am voting for secure borders.
    • There seems to be a set of Chicanos that want California to become part of Mexico. They seem to go unchallenged and sometimes are encouraged by many politicians. The news media also cuts them a lot of slack. Lincoln Pickard will fight to keep California citizens governed by the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution. Mexican law and Mexican politicians can no longer control the drug cartels that seem to be taking over the Mexican government. The cartels are murdering Mexican politicians and seem to be infiltrating and attempting to dominate the Mexican government. Here is a link where you can check out this situation. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is telling Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher that she needs to stand up for the American values (U.S. Constitution, etc.) that keep us free, properous and safe. Your vote and your friends and neighbors votes for Lincoln Pickard are demanding that we have secure borders.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking my Democrat State Legislator to do all she can to secure our borders. My votes are my most powerful non violent tools that I can use to influence my representatives.

    Lorena fights for issues that hurt, harm, disturb and/or distress citizens of our state and country. How do you feel?

  19. Tijuana River Valley: Sewage and raw chemicals have been pouring across the border making Border Patrol Agents sick and polluting the beaches in Imperial Beach. Sometimes that pollution reaches out and contaminates the beaches of Coronado. Voters keep electing Democrats in South San Diego County and keep expecting different results. Remember in 1980 it was Republican Brian Bilbray that got on a tractor and started pushing back against the sewage being dumped into our country by our bad neighbor to the South. We have been electing almost all Democrats ever since and the problem continues. This is a decades old recurring problem. It's about time citizens started voting Republican if they want a different result. Our Democrat politicians are way too lenient with Mexico which is not being a good neighbor on our Southern border.
    My vote for Lincoln Pickard will send the message to Democrat Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher that I will no longer tolerate this condition. Lorena throws us table scraps while ignoring and/or creating real problems.

  20. Chemicals penetrate the boot of a border patrol agent while he chased down a fugitive at the border.

    Do criminals in jail have the right to vote?

  21. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat comrades in the state legisature in Sacramento have given jail birds the right to vote. La Raza is in favor of the bill AB 2466 which gives criminals in jail the right to vote. Law enforcement agencies are against it. Your vote for Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher supports allowing criminals still in jail to vote. You can say "NO!" to Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her cohorts in Sacramento. Your vote is your most powerful way to communicate with your representatives. Lincoln Pickard agrees with Law Enforcement that giving the vote to criminals in jail is a bad idea, and now, a bad law signed by our Democrat Governor Jerry Brown. Your vote and your friends and neighbors votes for Lincoln Pickard are better than any email or letter you can write to your legislative representative.

  22. Fabio says California leaders (who are Democrats) destroyed the middle class ...

  23. The movie industry (we are talking Hollywood!) is leaving California because of high taxes. Canada and other countries and some 40 U.S.A. states are offering incentives to film makers to shoot their movies with them. Democrat policies (e.g. high taxes, excessive regulations) are driving film makers out of our state of California. Instead Democrat policies are attracting the homeless and criminals to our state of California. Did you know that your friends who vote Democrat are driving this thriving job creating industry of movie makers out of California or that your taxes controlled by the Democrats are encouraging increases in our homeless population or that a Democrat vote is increasing criminals in our neighborhoods? Are you letting your friends know about the consequences of voting Democrat? Your vote for Lincoln Pickard for State Assembly sends a message to Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat cohorts that you are taking action to stop the downgrading and degeneration of California.

  24. "Union vs. non-union workshops: IMO: Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher is doing all she can politically to make sure union work shops get the big projects and that union workshops and workers get the lucrative government and non-government contracts. She is often unreasonable in her actions while trying to stop non-union workers from getting jobs. An example was the bayfront project in Chula Vista which she put an end to because of her unreasonable demands. Currently she is trying to eliminate or gut the Airport Authority in order to give the contract issuing power for airport improvements to union friendly governing poltical bodies. Once again increasing the costs of the projects and making sure non-union workers are deprived of jobs." said Lincoln Pickard.
    I am voting for Lincoln Pickard so that union workers and non-union workers can compete on a level playing field. As a tax payer and a non-union worker I want to be represented by an assemblyman that will give me the most value for my tax dollars and also give me an equal chance to work on high paying, long lasting projects that give me the best opportunity to provide for myself and my family. The more of my friends that join me in voting for Lincoln Pickard, the greater the chance that Lorena will become more reasonable if she wins the election.

  25. Howard Jarvis with Proposition 13 saved Californians from being taxed out of their homes. Lincoln Pickard has vowed to fight for and to maintain the Howard Jarvis Proposition 13 values. I am voting for Lincoln Pickard because he will fight against Democrat efforts to weaken and eventually eliminate Howard Jarvis' Proposition 13. (Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is the best way to send a message to Democrats, you will not tolerate any interference with Howard Jarvis values and Proposition 13.) I am voting for Lincoln Pickard because he also supports the portability of Prop. 13 for senior homeowners over the age 55 and for severely disabled people. Our vote for Lincoln Pickard sends a serious strong message to Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher that Prop. 13 is not to be scuttled or infringed by tax hungry Democrats in Sacramento.
  26. I want citizens who vote in any election to be required to show a government issued photo ID. (Democrats seem to believe anyone should be able to vote who can say the name of a registered voter who has not yet voted. And then be able to vote again at another polling place if they can say the name of another registered voter who has not yet voted. Never mind that it is a felony to do so.)
    • I know very few if any citizens who do not have a government issued photo ID.
    • All meaningful things we do, require us to produce a photo ID.
    • Opening a bank account and writing a check requires a government issued photo ID.
    • Attending a Democrat political convention requires attendees to produce a government issued ID.
    • Voting is an important and meaningful activity. Most citizens want their vote to count and not be watered down by foreigners, non-citizens or people who vote more than once.
    • Running for public office requires you to produce a government issued photo ID.
    • When you are born, you are issued a government document that verifies who you are.
    • Requiring Voter ID is essential if our citizens are to have faith in the officials who administer our government.
    • (What most people are not told is that when a photo ID is required to vote, studies have shown in many cases that more people will actually vote. If you find cases where there is a lower voter turnout, maybe it is due to the fact that no one is voting twice or the required voter ID law has stopped non-citizens from voting. Another under reported fact is that in some precincts more people voted than are registered. Voter ID would stop this criminal activity. Democrats, Mueller and the fake news enemedia exploit the fake Russian story about influencing elections but the real criminal activity of non citizens voting and people voting more than once, Democrats and the enemedia ignore or excuse without shame.)

    Democrats have been trying to remove this cross for over 20 years.

  27. I am tired of Democrats going after and tearing down veterans memorial crosses. With my vote I am going to fight alongside Republican Lincoln Pickard to keep those crosses in place.
  28. Raising the minimum wage by government mandate to $15.00 per hour or to any amount; what are the effects?
    • Everyone wants to make more money and doing it by government mandate does earn Democrats more votes. (IMO: Not a good result for California as you can see the negatives on this website.)
    • Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher {a lawyer and attorney-at-law and a past union Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a local union} likes raising the minimum wage because union contracts give union workers an automatic increase in their wages when the minimum wage is increased. This increase occurs without any increase in productivity or enhancement of the workers knowledge or skills. This inflationary wage increase hurts everyone on a fixed income. A $15.00 minimum wage even hurts those who it is designed to benefit. Because the increase is only good for a short time. That is until inflation caused by raised wages without an increase in productivity wipes out the effect of the increased minimum wage. Seniors on a fixed income are financially squeezed by the increased minimum wage.
    • Since a government mandated increase in the minimum wage is not based on increased productivity or improvement of a workers skills, employers often find they must reduce the number of jobs because the price of the product or service they provide can not be raised enough to cover the increased costs. Some jobs vanish because the government has just priced them out of the market.
    • Young people looking for their first job are often hurt the most. Anyone entering the job market for the first time often needs more supervision and some training. Employers will often be unable to hire on an employee because the employee's skill and productivity level do not meet a standard that warrants the high minimum wage. (IMO: Democrats make getting that first job more difficult when they raise wages by government mandate.)
    • Old folks in retirement would often like to get a low stress job to supplement their income and maybe to fill their time with a meaningful activity. A $15.00 minimum wage may price many of these people out of the market. They may only need $5.00 to $10.00 per hour to improve their financial condition, but the minimum wage makes that impossible. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and other Democrats gloss over and hide the negative effects of increasing the minimum wage and bamboozle the voters with flashy good sounding policies whose unintended negative effects leave many of these same voters unemployed, homeless or struggling even harder to make ends meet. The millionaires and billionaires who control the Democrat party and that own assets love the inflation that increases the value of their real estate and other investments. Have you noticed how renting a house or an apatment keeps geting more expensive?
    • Some folks don't have the temperament or desire to work hard enough to earn the $15.00 minimum wage but could do a job and earn self respect by doing a job at $8.00 or $9.00 per hour. Instead, these folks must depend on a government hand out and/or they end up being homeless and maybe living on the street. Some may end up committing petty crimes.
    • Another negative aspect of the government mandated minimum wage is that workers often don't learn to hone the skill of getting a raise based on improving their abilities and their education. Workers need to learn that hard work and being more effective in helping their employer provide products and services to customers are what makes you worth more and that increase your wages. Learning to climb the ladder of success starts with your first job. The minimum wage can interfere with this learning process. The minimum wage can also interfere with the desire to climb that ladder of success and to become really successful.
    • The minimum wage makes people more dependent on government, especially those who get priced out of the job market. This is good for Democrats as they want people dependent on government and them. That makes those negatively effected by the minimum wage more dependent on government and on Democrats and then makes them natural Democrat voters. The loss of independence and self respect is often not even noticed by these folks.
    • The minimum wage would not be wanted or needed if there were no foreign workers to compete for jobs in the United States of America. Foreign workers are good for millionaire and billionaire employers and CEO's who want to be able to exploit cheap labor. By increasing the number of workers competing for jobs, wealthy bosses can keep wages and benefits at a minimum. Flooding the market with cheap foreign workers has allowed CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) to make 300 times what average workers make. Back in 1965 CEO's made 20 times what the average worker made. By playing on the average voters emotions about helping Dreamers, etc. the top 1% millionaire and billionaire elitists have been able to rob the average worker blind. Do you feel fleeced, swindled, bilked or defrauded? Many of the homeless have paid the biggest price for the Democrat's open border policies. Foreign workers have filled the jobs that would have given many of the current homeless a way to have earned a living and to be providing their families with food and a home. Foreign workers hurt the working man's ability to negotiate for better working conditions and maybe a couple of extra vacation days. The unions want and need foreign workers because they make unions relevant. It keeps non union wages down and lots of people unemployed. However, in a labor market where almost everyone is employed, because of a shortage of wage earners (e.i. no foreign laborers), workers could negotiate excellent terms of employment. Unions would be unnecessary. Now you know why Unions like Democrats and their open border policies. With no foreign workers, millionaire and billionaire employers would need to make sure Americans get a better education and the training necessary to make them fully employable. Employers would also need to pay good wages, good benefits and provide good working conditions to keep their employees. Wage earners would also have more flexiblity when moving to a new city or changing jobs where they live.
    • When Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher gets you an extra sick day or $1.00 per hour minimum wage increase and other "benefits", she is throwing you crumbs.
    • We haven't even gotten into the issue that a government mandated minimum wage tends to drive manufacturing jobs and other employment creating activities (jobs) out of our country to Mexico, China, Korea, etc. etc. Remember a high minimum wage tends to raise the wages of skilled manufacturing workers which in too many cases drives those good paying jobs out of our country. Raising wages is good when it is accompanied by increased productivity. Raising the minimum wage by government mandate is inflationary and helps destroy the value of the dollar and has helped drive manufacturing jobs to Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, etc. etc.
    • The high minimum wage sounds like a good idea, but Democrats don't tell you about the negative effects it has on our citizens and our society and our economy.
    • I am going to vote for Lincoln Pickard and join him in fighting for full employment, higher wages, good benefits and better working conditions for American Citizens working in the United States of America.

  29. California has the largest debt of any other state in America. That is we owe more money than anyone else. I want that debt reduced and eliminated.
    • This debt is a burden on my future earnings.
    • This debt encumbers all the property I own.
    • Interest paid on the debt eats up tax dollars we need for roads, schools, police, etc.
    • This debt may drive me out of California.
    • This debt is against the laws of California.
    • Our Democrat controlled state overspends and then raises my taxes.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking our state legislature and our governor to stop wasteful spending, to pay off the debt and to balance the budget.

  30. Pensions: Many Union Workers and other public employees are concerned that the underfunding of Cal Pers and other state pension funds will at some time leave retirees without the retirement income they are now counting on for their golden years. Today's Democrats over spend the public's money, with special interests that make huge profits, and they do this to make sure they are given the campaign funds to get re-elected. Democrats raise taxes to try and cover their excessive outrageous over spending. But the debt still continues to grow. The pensions are still underfunded. The Democrat high taxes and excessive regulations drive the very businesses and people out of California that have the ability to create and expand the wealth and prosperity in our state. The very treasure and riches that could make sure those pension funds are fully funded. Of course we would need people in our legislature that are fiscally conservative to keep from foolishly spending those riches on projects that have little effect on the financial health of average California citizens. Your vote for Lincoln Pickard tells Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat cohorts you have had enough of their shenanigans and wasteful spending and over regulation.
  31. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher has received about ($1,000,000.00) one million dollars in campaign contributions and almost all of it came in large donations from special interests. If you want a representative that represents your interests as outlined on this website, Lincoln Pickard asks for your vote. Your vote is more important than you may think. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher is so sure she will win in this election that she will be giving much of that money to Democrat candidates in districts where the Democrat and the Republican candidates both have a chance of winning. Your vote and your friends votes can help stop Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher from promoting Democrats and Democrat policies that have been driving good jobs out of California, the Democrat policies that have been degrading and defiling the educational system in California, the Democrat sanctuary state policies that attract non-citizen criminals into our state, the Democrat policies that create water shortages, etc., etc. Your actions and your vote in the 80th Assembly District effects other races all over our state of California. If all Republicans voted in the 80th Assembly District, Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher would have to spend her money here in our district and she couldn't go galavanting around the state helping other Democrat candidates. Encouraging your fellow Republicans to vote can stop Democrats and Democrat policies that are dangerous, harmful, sometimes violent and often toxic to our State of California. How many friends and businesses and jobs do you know that have left our state because of the destructive Democrat policies?
  32. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher stop throwing us crumbs and start giving us a state with real, robust, wealth building opportunity! Give us a state that attracts growing prosperous companies that create long term high paying jobs! Provide government policies that keep good companies in California and attract back companies that at one time made California the best place to live and to work in our great and beautiful country! Yes! The U.S. of A. We used to make other states jealous. Now we have become the laughingstock of too many non-Californians. In Texas, Nevada and Arizona they tip their cowboy hats, smile and reel in our best companies. In New York they smirk and siphon off our wealth. In Florida they have no state income tax, scoff at our "Governor Moonbeam" and send us their homeless. In some southern states they spit tobacco juice and pretend they are aiming at California.

You may be told the above improvements can't be done. What Democrats are saying is that they won't do them.
Remember the Democrat party is manipulated and/or run by millionaires and billionaires and attorneys that get rich suing to promote their latest political view point. These are the one per centers. The elitist top 1%: George Soros, Maxine Waters, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and many more. IMO: These are the folks that are the special interests that benefit when they have government officials that toss the masses crumbs and keep the big pay days and tax loop holes for themselves. Even Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffet ($64,000,000,000.00 - 64 Billion Dollars?) admitted he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary. That's a lot of ------- zeros!

Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is the strongest way you have of expressing your opinion to your Democrat legislator. If you think Lincoln Pickard is wrong in asking you to join him in expressing your opinion to our Democrat representative, your vote for the Democrat Assembly person or your silence on election day tells her she is doing a good job and to keep doing what Democrats do.

If you are wondering who would make a good mayor of Chula Vista, I would like to give you my personal recommendation. I am endorsing Hector Gastelum for Mayor of Chula Vista in 2018. Your vote can make Chula Vista safer, happier and more prosperous in the coming years. Lincoln Pickard.

2nd Endorsement:

We conservatives have another important vote to cast on June 5, 2018. We need to cast a vote for Judge Gary Kreep. The Democrats are after him as they are after Trump and other conservative candidates. That is why I am endorsing Judge Gary Kreep in the June 5, 2018 election. Please let your conservative friends (you know the folks: church going folks against abortion, people who think children in school come first-administration 2nd, folks against ever higher taxes, folks who support 2nd Amendment rights, folks that want to repair and expand roads not build an overpriced high speed train that often will go 30 miles per hour, people who believe in balanced budgets, people who believe biological men should not be using women and girls toilet and shower facilities, etc.) please give them the facts and encourage these folks to vote on June 5, 2018 and urge them to vote for Judge Gary Kreep. Thank you. It is important!