Lincoln Pickard
California State Assembly 2018
District 80

I am spending my own money so that I can fight for
the Values presented on this website!
My wife assisted me in gathering the necessary signatures to qualify for the ballot.
I will be happy to spend time with you and/or your neighbors in your home.
Call for an appointment: 619-575-0133

Why I am running against the Democrat incumbent.
If you agree, I ask for your vote.

I thank my friends that have given us a light and a way to improve the lives of all Californians.

Follow this link for more details.

Government is here to serve the people.
Your vote can start us back to being the best place to live in America, again!
You can't make these changes by voting Democrat or staying silent on election day.
To me your vote is very important!

Your vote is your most effective means of communicating with your elected representative. Lincoln Pickard maintains that your vote with a message is the most effective way to communicate with any elected politician.
To increase the effectiveness of your voice with our State Assembly person Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher call or write her. Let her know you are planning to vote for Lincoln Pickard because he will fight to _____ (fill in the issue or issues important to you.)
If she promises to fight for your issue or issues, ask if she is serious enough about the issue or issues to make the promise on her website. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher can start working on your issue or issues right away. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher is very strongly (overwhelmingly) favored to win this election. In fact the "Smart Money" says Lincoln Pickard has no chance of winning this race. Do not let her tell you that putting the issue on her campaign website will hurt her chances of winning the election. If she refuses, you know what her promise is worth.

Call Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher at her Sacramento office at:

Write her at:
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher
1350 Front St., Suite 6022
San Diego, CA 92101

Tweet to:
Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher at:

When you vote for Lincoln Pickard,
what are you saying to your current Democrat Assembly member?
Here is what you are saying to Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher:

  1. I am against the increased gas tax.
    • Every product we buy has to be moved and mostly by vehicles using gasoline or diesel. The gas tax increase will add to the cost of moving those products. Eventually that will increase the cost of almost every product we buy. These increased costs will barely be felt by the millionaires and billionaires that dominate the Democrat Party - (see below). But these price increases will have a nasty negative effect on the budget of every citizen of California on a fixed income. Join Lincoln Pickard in letting our Democrat Assembly person know that these gas tax increases are not wanted by most of us and that the current tax rate is enough to keep our roads in excellent shape. Roads that were built with the old gas tax rate revenues.
    • How many remember that Governor Gray Davis was recalled based mostly on raising taxes on our automobiles? Democrats like to tell you they are progressive but they regularly do regressive stuff like raising gas taxes. This new gas tax hurts people struggling to make ends meet and to balance their families budget. The millionaires and billionaires and attorneys who influence and run the Democrat Party are little effected by this regressive tax. Our votes are the only way to keep our representatives from writing laws that negatively impact our lives.

  2. I am against the added fees for car registration.

  3. I want more of the fresh water and snow that falls on California to be captured by lakes and dams so that lots of water is available in our dry years. Capturing more water and snow in our wet and rainy years can give us all the water we need in our dryer years.
    • This will give us all the water we Californians want and need.
    • This will help prevent a lot of the flooding of streets and homes. You've seen the videos of homes destroyed by flooding in our wet years. Saving this water in lakes and dams solves two problems.
    • Orange grove owners and other farmers will have the water they need to be prosperous and to lower the cost of groceries.
    • With a greater supply of water, the cost of water will go down. Lower water bills.
    • Why do Democrats refuse to provide us with all the water we want and need? (Again, this is another regressive policy from the Democrat leadership that negatively impacts the average Californian but is hardly felt by the millionaires and billionaires that influence and run the Democrat Party. See list below.)

  4. I want to lower or to even eliminate the state sales tax.
    • Drilling oil in the ocean off of California will produce royalty revenues to lower or eliminate the sales tax.
    • Many new good paying jobs will be created.
    • People making more money will demand services and that will create even more jobs.
    • More gasoline produced will mean a bigger supply of gas and lower gas prices at the pump.

  5. I don't like the Democrats supporting and abetting the killing of our newest and most vulnerable citizens.

  6. I am against the Democrat passed regulations and taxes that are driving good businesses and good jobs out of California.

  7. I want better roads and highways for my car, instead of the Democrat high speed rail system that is promoted by special interests.

  8. I believe marriage is there to protect the children created by human activity. It also protects the spouse who abandons a career to care for the home and whose main job is raising the children. Marriage is there to establish the sacred relationship between a man and a woman that want to establish a new family. The families established by marriage are the building blocks of a strong society, giving children the background to deal with both men and women when they mature.

  9. I want children to get a better education. Give parents the choice of which school to send their children to.
    • California used to have the best public schools in the country. Under Democrat law makers, our public schools are now rated in the bottom 5%.
    • This may be the most important reason to vote for Lincoln Pickard.

  10. I believe in the right of law abiding citizens to have the right to keep and bear arms. Our Democrat legislature and governor continue to pass laws that undermine this most precious right. The right to self defense keeps me free and protects my family. (Your vote for Lincoln Pickard sends this message to your Democrat legislator in the most powerful way you have to express that opinion.)

  11. I do not believe in Sharia law. (Democrat law makers and other Democrat elected officials seem to accept and/or embrace Sharia law.)
    • I do not believe a woman should be "Honor Killed" because she dishonors her family.
    • I do not believe homosexuals, Jews or Christians should be killed because of Sharia Law. (Your vote will say this to Democrats and the enemedia who say Islam is a religion of peace.)
    • I do not believe women or girls should be violated because of Sharia law.
    • I believe anyone who becomes a citizen of the United States needs to take a loyalty oath (Oral and written) to our Constitution and to abandon the laws they previously lived under. New citizens should bring much of their culture with them. The mixing of many cultures makes our country stronger and more interesting.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking my Assembly person to fight for the United States Constitution which keeps me free, happy and gives me the opportunity to be prosperous.

  12. I want secure borders. ( Your vote for Lincoln Pickard says this to your elected representative.)
    • I do not want criminals from foreign countries to have access to my street or my neighborhood.
    • We are currently paying for foreign criminals to be locked up in our jails. Democrat legislators are currently paying for the incarceration of these criminals with my tax dollars. These criminals should never have been allowed into our country in the first place. I want secure borders.
    • Foreigners are costing the State of California (That's us!) $23,000,000,000.00. That's about $600.00 per citizen. I want secure borders!
    • Our working citizens are currently competing for jobs with foreigners who are here illegally. This is driving down our wages and our benefits and interferes with our ability to negotiate better working conditions. I want secure borders.
    • Drug cartels are causing high crime and murder rates in Mexico because they compete to sell illegal drugs in the United States. I want these drugs and any illegal smuggling to be stopped at our border. I want secure borders.
    • I want foreign students, H-1B workers and anyone immigrating to our country to be treated the way immigrants have traditionally been screened. Screen immigrants for contagious diseases. Screen immigrants for loyalty to the United States and to our citizens. Screen immigrants with an FBI background check. I want secure borders.
    • I do not want California to be a sanctuary state.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking my Democrat State Legislator to do all she can to secure our borders.

  13. I want citizens who vote in any election to be required to show a government issued photo ID. Democrats believe anyone should be able to vote if they can say the name of a registered voter who has not yet voted.
    • I know very few if any citizens who do not have a government issued photo ID.
    • All meaningful things we do, require us to produce a photo ID.
    • Opening a bank account and writing a check requires a government issued photo ID.
    • Attending a political convention requires attendees to produce a government issued ID
    • Voting is an important and meaningful activity. Most citizens want their vote to count and not be watered down by foreigners, non-citizens or people who vote more than once.
    • Running for public office requires you to produce a government issued photo ID.
    • When you are born, you are issued a government document that verifies who you are.
    • Requiring Voter ID is essential if our citizens are to have faith in the officials who administer our government.

  14. I am tired of Democrats going after and tearing down veterans memorial crosses. With my vote I am going to fight alongside Republican Lincoln Pickard to keep those crosses in place.
  15. Raising the minimum wage by government mandate to $15.00 per hour or to any amount; what are the effects?
    • Everyone wants to make more money and doing it by government mandate does earn Democrats more votes. (IMO: Not a good result for California as you can see the negatives on this website.)
    • Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (an attorney and a past union Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a local union likes raising the minimum wage because union contracts give union workers an automatic increase in their wages when the minimum wage is increased. This increase occurs without any increase in productivity or enhancement of the workers knowledge or skills. This inflationary wage increase hurts everyone on a fixed income. It even hurts those who seem to benefit by getting the $15.00 minimum wage. But the increase is only good for a short time. That is until inflation wipes out the effect of the increase.
    • Since a government mandated increase in the minimum wage is not based on increased productivity or improvement of a workers skills, employers often find they must reduce the number of jobs because the price of the product or service they provide can not be raised enough to cover the increased costs. Some jobs vanish because the government has just priced them out of the market.
    • Young people looking for their first job are often hurt the most. Anyone entering the job market for the first time often needs more supervision and some training. Employers will often be unable to hire on a employee because the employee's skill and productivity level do not meet a standard that warrants the high minimum wage. (IMO: Democrats make getting that first job more difficult when they raise wages by government mandate.)
    • Old folks in retirement would often like to get a low stress job to supplement their income and maybe to fill their time with a meaningful activity. A $15.00 minimum wage may price many of these people out of the market. They may only need $5.00 to $10.00 per hour to improve their financial condition, but the minimum wage makes that impossible.
    • Some folks don't have the temperament or desire to work hard enough to earn the $15.00 minimum wage but could do a job and earn self respect by doing a job at $8.00 or $9.00 per hour. Instead, these folks must depend on a government hand out and/or they end up being homeless and maybe living on the street. Some may end up committing petty crimes.
    • Another negative aspect of the government mandated minimum wage is that workers often don't learn to hone the skill of getting a raise based on improving their abilities and their education. Workers need to learn that hard work and being more effective in helping their employer provide products and services to customers are what makes you worth more and that increase your wages. Learning to climb the ladder of success starts with your first job. The minimum wage can interfere with this learning process. The minimum wage can also interfere with the desire to climb that ladder of success and to become really successful.
    • The minimum wage makes people more dependent on government, especially those who get priced out of the job market. This is good for Democrats as they want people dependent on government and them. That makes those negatively effected by the minimum wage more dependent on government and on Democrats and then makes them natural Democrat voters. The loss of independence and self respect is often not even noticed by these folks.
    • The minimum wage would not even sound like a good idea if we didn't allow foreign workers to compete for jobs in the United States of America. Foreign workers are good for millionaire and billionaire employers and CEO's who want to be able to exploit cheap labor. By increasing the number of workers competing for jobs, wealthy bosses can keep wages and benefits at a minimum. Foreign workers hurt the working man's ability to negotiate for better working conditions and maybe a couple of extra vacation days. The unions like foreign workers because it makes unions relevant. In a labor market where almost everyone is employed, workers could negotiate excellent terms of employment. Unions would be unnecessary. Now you know why Unions like Democrats and their open border policies. With no foreign workers, employers would need to make sure Americans get a better education and the training necessary to make them fully employable. Employers would also need to pay good wages, good benefits and provide good working conditions to keep their employees.
    • When Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher gets you an extra sick day or $1.00 per hour minimum wage increase and other "benefits", she is throwing you crumbs.
    • We haven't even gotten into the issue that a government mandated minimum wage tends to drive manufacturing jobs and other employment creating activities (jobs) out of our country to Mexico, China, Korea, etc. etc. Remember a high minimum wage tends to raise the wages of skilled manufacturing workers which in too many cases drives those good paying jobs out of our country.
    • The high minimum wage sounds like a good idea, but Democrats don't tell you about the negative effects it has on our citizens and our society.
    • I am going to vote for Lincoln Pickard and join him in fighting for full employment, higher wages, good benefits and better working conditions for American Citizens working in the United States of America.

  16. California has the largest debt of any other state in America. That is we owe more money than anyone else. I want that debt reduced and eliminated.
    • This debt is a burden on my future earnings.
    • This debt encumbers all the property I own.
    • Interest paid on the debt eats up tax dollars we need for roads, schools, police, etc.
    • This debt may drive me out of California.
    • This debt is against the laws of California.
    • Our Democrat controlled state overspends and then raises my taxes.
    • My vote for Lincoln Pickard is asking our state legislature and our governor to stop wasteful spending, to pay off the debt and to balance the budget.

  17. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher stop throwing us crumbs and start giving us a state with real, robust, wealth building opportunity! Give us a state that attracts growing prosperous companies that create long term high paying jobs! Provide government policies that keep good companies in California and attract back companies that at one time made California the best place to live and to work in our great and beautiful country! Yes! The U.S. of A. We used to make other states jealous. Now we have become the laughingstock of too many non-Californians. In Texas, Nevada and Arizona they tip their cowboy hats, smile and reel in our best companies. In New York they smirk and siphon off our wealth. In Florida they have no state income tax, scoff at our "Governor Moonbeam" and send us their homeless. In some southern states they spit tobacco juice and pretend they are aiming at California.

You may be told the above improvements can't be done. What Democrats are saying is that they won't do them.
Remember the Democrat party is manipulated and/or run by millionaires and billionaires and attorneys that get rich suing to promote their latest political view point. These are the one per centers. The elitist top 1%: George Soros, Maxine Waters, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi and many more. IMO: These are the folks that are the special interests that benefit when they have government officials that toss the masses crumbs and keep the big pay days and tax loop holes for themselves. Even Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffet ($64,000,000,000.00 - 64 Billion Dollars?) admitted he paid a lower tax rate than his secretary. That's a lot of ------- zeros!

Your vote for Lincoln Pickard is the strongest way you have of expressing your opinion to your Democrat legislator. If you think Lincoln Pickard is wrong in asking you to join him in expressing your opinion to our Democrat representative, your vote for the Democrat Assembly person or your silence on election day tells her she is doing a good job and to keep doing what Democrats do.

If you are wondering who would make a good mayor of Chula Vista, I would like to give you my personal recommendation. I am endorsing Hector Gastelum for Mayor of Chula Vista in 2018. Your vote can make Chula Vista safer, happier and more prosperous in the coming years. Lincoln Pickard.