My name is Lincoln Pickard and I will be on the ballot on March 3, 2020.

I ask for your vote for San Diego County Republican Central Committee.

I am also a declared candidate for Chairman of the Board of the local San Diego County Republic Party. (Yes, the Central Committee)

IMHO: As an individual voter who cares about our State of California and our Great Country, I present the following opinions as to why we need to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and the Democrat cabal that controls the State Assembly and State Senate in Sacramento:

I ask you to vote against Mrs. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat pals in Sacramento because so much of what they are doing is just plain wrong! A good example is Assembly Bill AB-5. Many people who have been making a living or supplementing their incomes as independent contractors will be legislated out of a job. IMHO: Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher who is in the pocket of union bosses authored this legislation known as AB-5. Join the Democrats and Republicans who have been put out of work by Lorena Gonzalez and vote against her and her Democrat cronies on Tuesday, March 3, 2020.

Listed below are a few issues where Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and her party are harming and punishing the average citizens of California. Republicans need to be informing the voters about these issues. I am running for Republican County Chair to better inform the voters about all the ways Democrats are hurting our Great State of California. I wish these were the only issues that Democrats are wrong about. I will be telling you about more and more of these issues as time and resources permit.

1.Water: We have access to all the water we want and need in California. Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and our current leaders in Sacramento refuse to properly manage our water supply. About one-third (1/3) of all the rain, snow and sleet that falls on California runs into the ocean and this fresh potable water is lost to us forever. There are also huge underground water supplies that go unreported to the average Californian. Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and her gang want to limit our water use to 55 gallons per day per household and charge fines for overuse. Democrats also want decrease that allocation of water in future years. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez and her crew in Sacramento to stop these unneeded restrictions on the water we want and need everyday.

2.Schools: California used to provide the best education to elementary and high school students in the United States of America. Today, California schools are rated in the bottom 5% of schools in our nation. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez etal and for better schools for the children of California. IMHO: Lorena Gonzalez and her union boss friends put the people working in our schools ahead of the students who are being educated. Your vote against Lorena Gonzalez and all Democrats can push back against the unions who are putting the education of children in a distant second place.

3.Pornography: Today we have graphic images in lower grade school books that would be considered pornography in any setting but a school room. I ask you to vote to against Lorena Gonzalez and these porno images in elementary schools that are put there by Democrats who have been elected to the State Assembly and the State Senate.

4.Forest Fires: Mrs. L.G. Fletcher & her cohorts in Sacramento write laws that prevent the proper management of forests. Fire fighters need better access to forests when fires break out. Home owners need to clear areas to keep their homes safe and not have to worry about a state law that puts their family & valuables & home at risk of being destroyed by fire. I ask you to vote to against Lorena Gonzalez and the unnecessary destruction of lives & property because of the policies of the Democrat politicians that have virtually total control in Sacramento.

5.Flooding: We are back to water. Because we do not capture one third (1/3) of the rain, sleet and snow that falls on the land & in the mountains of California with dams and reservoirs or diversions to plateaus, the water on its way to the ocean, floods streets and homes and businesses. I ask you to vote to against Lorena Gonzalez and the Democrat politicians in Sacramento that mismanage so much of the rain, sleet and snow that falls on California and which then contributes to the loss of life & property in our neighborhoods.

6.Open Borders: No country can survive with its integrity, its prosperity, its safety and its freedom if it does not protect its borders. Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and her cronies in Sacramento and Washington, D.C. want open borders without the restrictions of the past. In the last hundred years or more we have screened immigrants to our country. We rejected for immigration the people who were criminals, people who could not support themselves, people who could not or would not take an oath to our Constitution & our laws, and those who were sick were quarantined until we were sure they would not infect the citizens of our country. Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and her Democrat pals, now want to give illegal immigrants a free ride on the backs of American tax payers. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and the other Democrats that promote illegal immigration and to vote to keep open the pathway to legal immigrants that has always made our country strong and the most desirable place to live on our small planet.

7.Abortion: Mrs. Fletcher & her Democrat friends think that killing our newest, most vulnerable, most innocent citizens, those who have yet to take their first breath can be murdered under certain laws with no consequences to those who would murder them. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and the other Democrats who believe it is perfectly OK to kill those who can not speak for themselves.

8.Sanctuary Cities: Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and her fellow travelers have not only sanctioned sanctuary cities but have made California a sanctuary state. What are the unintended consequences of these actions?
a)More Crime
b)More disease
c)Loss of Jobs for the least skilled of American citizens.
d)More homeless people.
Democrats seem to like to create problems in society. Why? Democrats can then fight for bigger government to solve those problems. That translates into higher taxes, more regulation and less freedom. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher in your effort to fight against sanctuary cities & the sanctuary status of our Great State of California. Your vote can help to make California once again the best place to live in America! Be a part of this fight to save the American Dream.

9.Voter Fraud: There seems to be some controversy about how much voter fraud exists in our elections. I have friends who volunteer their time and effort to put more integrity into our elections. They assure me that voter fraud and election manipulation are real and does at times affect an election. We can substantially decrease voter fraud with Voter ID and a few other changes in the law. Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and the elected Democrat Representatives make fraud easier. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher and the other Democrats who will not pass laws that would promote more honest elections.

10.Farm Workers: Mrs. L.G. Fletcher seems to have ignored the votes and the rights of farm workers in favor of union bosses who want control of farm workers' lives and their money. Here is a link to a short video from Pick Justice that tells the story: Short Video from Pick Justice. We are also back to water. Mrs. L.G. Fletcher and her cohorts in Sacramento limit and cut off water to the farms where these workers earn their livings. California has plenty of water. Your votes on March 3 and November 5, 2020 can help fight to give farm workers the right to chose their own union or to chose no union and to get the water turned on so that we can put real prosperity back into the future of farm workers and all Californians. Remember basic economics. There will be more food grown in California with the increased availability of water, which will increase the demand for farm workers. Farm workers will be able to demand and get higher wages when farm owners find there are not enough farm workers to get all the crops harvested. Pick Justice at Facebook. Question: Does Mrs. L.G. Fletcher support average hard working Californians or is she biased toward exploitative union bosses? Another video

11.Minimum Wage: What is wrong with a $15.00/Hour minimum wage?

  1. Union members and union bosses get an automatic raise (Mrs. L.G. Fletcher loves this because it endears her to her biggest supporters, the unions) and everyone else up the line also expects to be paid more.
  2. Prices of necessities increase to cover the increased labor costs and the increased minimum wage is basically cancelled out.
  3. The richest people buy real estate and other tangible assets that benefit from increased inflation and the wealthy get even richer compared to the the poor folk who thought they were benefiting by the higher minimum wage.
  4. Robots become more economical and put people out of work and the millionaire high technology folk and their investors get even richer.
  5. Unskilled workers find it more difficult to find a job because employers can't afford to start them at $15.00/hour. But with a 5 to $10.00/hour job a worker could gain the skills that would eventually make them skilled valued employees and they would eventually be qualified for a high paying job.
  6. The unskilled jobless workers find they can't afford the necessities and may end up homeless.
  7. The Democrats love poor people and homeless people because these folk become dependent on government and government must become bigger and must raise taxes and increase regulations on productive people in order to care for these poor and homeless. The poor believe Democrats are helping them and they willingly vote for Democrats, totally unaware that it was Democrat policies that caused most of them to be poor and homeless.
  8. Older people living on a fixed income have slowed down and maybe can't handle the stress of a job that pays $15.00/hour but could handle a job at 5 to $10.00/hour to supplement their fixed incomes and give them enough income to make ends meet. Just working may give some older folks a job that could give them a sense of purpose. But at $15.00/hour an employer may not be able to afford them.

The minimum wage sounds like a great idea that will help the folks at the bottom of the economic ladder but as you can see, the "unintended consequences" of a $15.00/hour minimum wage often damages the very folk the Democrats say it will help. The buying power of wages for folks at the bottom of the economic ladder had been fairly stagnant before Donald Trump became President. Trump's lower tax rates and less regulation have decreased the unemployment rate. When employers have trouble finding employees to fill their needs, employers must raise the dollars per hour they pay to find new employees and also to keep their current valued employees. Businesses are then required to find innovative ways to increase productivity if they are to remain competitive. When unskilled immigrants are allowed to enter our country because of open borders, this business dynamic is disrupted and tends to keep wages flat or can even decrease the wages of American citizens. I ask you to vote against Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher as your contribution to fight and to keep American citizens well paid and prosperous and to stop the bad and evil and deleterious effects of the policies and actions of Mrs. Lorena Gonzlez Fletcher and her fellow Democratic schemers in Sacramento. Can I count on our vote against Lorena Gonzalez and the other Democrats that are hurting our Great State of California?

12. DMV sells your personal information for pennies: The California Department of Motor Vehicles collects information on you when you get your Driver's License and then sells that information for a few pennies. Our greedy State Legislature dominated by Democrats has the DMV selling our personal information and raises some $50,000,000.00. That's a penny or two for each time they sell your personal information to some private third party individual or company. Our state legislators and the DMV have been keeping the sale of your pesonal data a secret, totally ignoring the California Consumer Privacy Act. A group called Motherboard discovered this data leak with a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. The sale of this information can be extremely harmful to survivors of abuse, including domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking. Are there any identity thieves procuring this information? Private investigators and others have access to this information. Your vote against Lorena Gonzalez and her Democrat cohorts is a step in the right direction to stop the DMV from selling our private information.