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Lincoln Pickard for State Assembly : 80th District
Year 2016

Make California Great Again!

I need your vote to Make California Great Again!

Thank you to all my voters and supporters that have fought side by side with me in our attempt to Make California Great Again. Thankfully President Trump will be working on the project from the oval office. I hope you will contiune to fight with me to reform California and to restore the values that once made California the greatest state in our union. God Bless America, God Bless California. Thank you again.

Thank you to all my voters and supporters that assisted me (in the June Primary) in securing my place on the November ballot. We now have a bigger fight to Make California Great Again. Democrat politiicans and unions will continue to fight against free and open markets with high taxes and regulations in an attempt to protect their friends and financial interests, leaving the rest of us to bear the burden of paying for their special privileges. Give me the job in Sacramento and small business creators will be begging you to work for them. You will eventually have a better job than any Democrat politician or any union can provide. Hey, you might even get rich as a small business creator.
Thank you again!

Keep our current companies and workers in California. Attract previous businesses and jobs back to California. Go after new technology jobs. We can do it with less regulation, fewer taxes, reasonable environmental policies, and lower tax rates. Lorena Gonzales and the Democratic political leadership claim to be Pro-jobs but their policies drive jobs and businesses out of California. How many folks do you know that are part time, underpaid or don't have a job but want a good paying job. Lorena and her fellow Democratic political leaders have left too many with broken dreams. Attracting and keeping private sector businesses and jobs will be two of my top priorities. Building a fence and securing our borders will reduce the labor pool, and market forces will raise the wages and increase the job opportunities of our citizens. It used to be that 70% of our people owned their own business; now only 20% have their own business. Small businesses will be treated with love and respect as they are the backbone of our economy. The Boom that will be created by these good government, environmental and business policies will produce more revenues for the State treasury, raise your family's income, put people back to work which will cut needless welfare and unemployment costs to our state and we will be able to pay off our debts and balance our budget.

More reservoirs, desalinization plants and other water collecting and distribution infrastructure are essential for our people and our economy. Why are reservoirs important? Here is a link to a video. We get floods in rainy years and so much water destroys lives and property and flows into the ocean. More reservoirs can preserve that flooding water for our dry years. Unlike President John F. Kennedy's remarks in the video, today's Democratic political leaders no longer have the values that make America great. In fact today's Democrat politicans want to tear down a dam and water storage reservoir. So little new water storage has been added that many remark, "California hasn't added a new reservoir in decades". Our state legislature has been dominated by the New Socialist Democrat politicians for so many years, that many Californians have forgotten how really great California can be. Democrat politicians are willing to spend billions of dollars on a new train to nowhere but water projects, not so much. It may be time to send a few more Republicans to Sacramento to lead our great State.

The children are our future. Why aren't they getting the best education possible. The leadership on the other side has aided and abetted the downgrading of the California education system. The State of California used to be number 1 and is now about 45th in the education of its children. Parents need options and need to be able to make choices about their children's education. Parents need to be able to choose which schools their children will attend. Local control of education (parents, teachers and elected school boards) is needed. Common Core from the United Nations, the federal government and/or a Democrat bureaucrat is not needed. The teacher unions and the Democrat politicians have corrupted the system. The schools are run to benefit the school employees and the unions. Lincoln Pickard pledges to fight the corruption in Sacramento and to put the educational choices back in the hands of the parents.

Privacy and Public Morality:
Use public bathrooms based on a doctor's finding of sex at birth! Why do I even need to mention this. Do average Democrats even know their votes support politicians who would make women and young girls share public bathrooms and showers with biological men? Your vote for a Republican will send them a strong message. More later on this web site.

You can not have a country without secure borders. There are terrorists, drugs and criminals coming across our borders. Hillary and her Democrat political supporters (e.g. Lorena Gonzalez) want open borders. Remember the good people illegally crossing the border may work hard but they are increasing the labor pool and making it harder for our citizens to get jobs. But when there are more jobs than people to fill them; wages go up. Workers can also demand better working conditions and benefits and they have more flexibility in choosing the company they work for and the city in which they want to work. Securing the border and expanding our work force with legal immigration provides balance. Secure borders also help to keep our families safe from criminals and terrorists. Stopping the illegal drugs, helps to keep your children on the right path. Your vote helps determine the future of your family and the future of our country.

Forced Vaccinations:
Will they never stop ordering you and your family to jump through hoops like circus animals? Your vote, your families' votes and your neighbors' votes can stop forced vaccinations.

Common Core:
The Federal Government and the United Nations are telling you what your children can and cannot learn. Teachers are losing the right to inspire young minds. Children are being dumbed down. Yikes!!!! Democrat politicians protect teachers' unions. The unions protect bad teachers and immoral teachers. Democrat politicians want dumb kids. Democrat politicians need dumbed down children to sell their socialist agenda where the elites tell you how to live. A free people need a well rounded education to maintain their freedom. Hillsdale College professors give you the facts.

Send Lincoln Pickard to Sacramento to stop the confiscation of your guns and ammunition. Keep sending Democrat politicians to Sacramento and you will lose the right to self defense with a firearm. Democrat politicians want laws that would make you a felon for owning a gun. Average Democrat voters say, "Hey, no they don't, I"m a Democrat!". I say, "Hey, maybe you're not a Democrat any more."

Democrat politicians and their "environmental" friends want you on public transportation and out of your car. Have you noticed how freeways are jammed up at rush hour? Democrat politicians don't want to solve this problem, they are trying to force you to use public transportation. Cars are a symbol of our Freedom. And man!! do they give us freedom!!!

Marriage is between one man and one woman. It is a religious sacrament. It is the basic family unit that gives children their best start in life. It is a tried and true basic conservative value.

When does a fetus become a human being? When is an abortion the killing of a human being? Are average Democrats abetting and advocating the killing of innocent human beings when they vote for a Democrat politician? Are you voting for the killing of innocent human beings?

Control the border. Build a Trump fence. Stop illegal immigration. The drugs that are fueling gang activity and destroying children's lives can be stopped. All we need to do is to vote correctly on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. For a couple of weeks after 9/11 drugs dried up, on the streets of San Diego. Politicians had the will to control the border for a short time after that disastrous attack.

Your vote for a Democrat politician or abstaining from voting encourages Barack and Hillary to bring terrorists into our country under the P.C. cover of helping "refugees". Are you voting for bombings and killings in our country when you vote for a Democrat politician? Have you been following the news in Europe and England? Do you approve of the rapes that are happening there? Do you approve of the 84 people killed in Nice, France. Did your last few Democrat votes lay the ground work for Orlando, Dallas and Baton Rouge? Are Democrat politicians willing to sacrifice American citizens by flooding the country with unknown refugees to keep themselves in power with future Democrat voters? Is your Democrat vote condoning and accepting bombings and murders in our country and maybe in our local neighborhoods? Your vote makes a difference!

Sanctuary Cities:
Illegal immigrants with criminal records are put back on the streets of our cities. Sanctuary Cities have a bad name, so Obama and the Democrat politicians are now calling them "Welcoming Cities." Your vote along with your friends' and neighbors' votes can stop this travesty. No more Kates like on the pier in San Francisco. When a white male commits a violent crime, I want him in jail and prosecuted to the full extent of the law to keep society safe and to protect my brand as a white male. I would think law abiding Latino or Hispanic or Chicano males or Black males would want their brand protected in the same way.

How many issues do the Democrat politicians have to screw up before we start voting to send Republicans to Sacramento and Washington, D.C.?

Why do so many people vote for the dark side. The side that is killing and destroying businesses, orange groves, jobs, farms, living human beings, education, etc. Why are so many voting for the team that continues to diminish and undermine our education system? Why are so many voting to limit our water, our future prosperity, and our pursuit of happiness? Free stuff sounds good, but we are paying for it with American lives, our freedom, our liberty, our prosperity, and our creativity. We surrender small pieces of our souls little by little, and with very few objecting or even noticing. We may be well advised to vote for a change in Sacramento. You can join me in fighting for freedom, liberty, prosperity and the other values that make America great. The big money special interests will not be giving me money to (1) promote entrepreneurial Job creation and small businesses, (2) drinking Water collection, creation and preservation to keep us healthy and prosperous or (3) an Education that puts the students first, gives them and their parents a choice, and provides them with the best education possible. Big money special interests use their money to buy the influence they need to fix their special problems. Voting is no longer enough for the average citizen to elect folks, like myself, that will fight for them and the American values that made our country great. Most of us don't have a Trump fortune that would give us the ability to self fund a world class political campaign. Therefore, I need your help to inform the voters about the important decisions made in the California Assembly that directly effect our lives and the lives of our loved ones. There are about 200,000 voters in our district. I would need about $3,000,000.00 to properly inform voters, so that they could make an informed decision at the polls. Let my opponent represent the big money special interests. I need you to help me reach the voters. Every voter in California needs to understand the issues on this web site. Every voter in California should be demanding that Lorena Gonzalez be replaced by Lincoln Pickard. For 10 cents you can print a copy of the attached flyer which I pledge to honor when elected: Click Here. I ask that you share my pledge with a friend or neighbor who lives in California and especially in the 80th Assembly District. There are also two more pledge pages that can be printed and shared. For no expense on your part, these internet links to my three pledges can be copied and pasted and shared with an email, via a Tweet, text, or on your Facebook page. With a little effort, you can make a huge difference. Will you do your part?

Jobs, Water and Education ( )

Click here for a 2nd pledge page that you can use to change politics in California. ( )

Make California Great Again! ( )

Here is a link to a partial list of folks that want me to be the next State Assemblyman from District 80.

Are you looking for real change that you will like?

I ask for your vote and support to make California great again.

Here is a link to a document that enumerates the values of the Republican Party. You may find them as appealing as I do. As a member of the Republican Party San Diego County Central Committee I fight for the values as enumerated on this website and as written in the Republican Platform:

Republican Platform

A few words from Ronald Reagan

If jobs, water and education are important to you, I ask for your vote to send me to Sacramento. Your current Assembly person, Lorena Gonzales, and her Democrat political friends are responsible for jobs and businesses leaving California to avoid the High Taxes and Unreasonable Regulations forced on us by the current legislature dominated by Democrat politicians. Lorena and her Democrat political friends have overseen the massive decline in the education system in California and want to continue the decline because of labor union demands and Common Core. Lorena and her Democrat political friends refuse to increase our water supply because of some fish or union demand or extreme, unreasonable environmental report that has little to do with reality. Send me to Sacramento to help Republicans Make California Great Again.

End the IRS. Audit the Fed. Ever heard of the 9th and 10th Amendments? States rights?

Democrat political leadership institutes peeing in public. WTF. Public complaints were made but Democrat controlled government ignored complaints. Do you really want to vote for this kind of leadership. You may think you are voting for a John F. Kennedy or an FDR or a Tip O'Neill Democrat party. Many of the values of John F. Kennedy, Harry Truman and even Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesare Chavez are no longer accepted by the new Democrat political leadership. The new Democrat political leaders have deviated from many of the old traditional values. If you are an average Democrat, you may want to re-evaluate and disassociate yourself from a leadership that has wandered far off the path taken by your fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers. You can follow this link to confirm your worst nightmares about public urination. Click here. Sorry for the disgusting subject, but folks need to know what they are voting for when they fill our their ballots.

There are lots more reasons to stop voting for Democrat political leadership. Jobs, Education and Water are just 3 more of those reasons.

When the minimum wage is raised way up, robots take the jobs or the jobs go to foreign countries and many more people are out of work as jobs are lost. Teenagers living at home can't find a lower starting wage to get the expeience they need to become good employees. Retired seniors may not be able to get a lower stress job at a lower wage to supplement their retirement income. People starting a business may not be able to afford hiring people at government mandated wages and never be able to get their business started. A business that could eventually produce wealth for the owner and high paying jobs for his employees. These are some of the disagreeable and troubling unintended consequences that emerge when politicians force businesses to comply with excessive regulations. The minimum wage and unions would be unnecessary if immigration was properly controlled and trade agreements were properly negotiated. Workers would be in demand. Employers would need to pay higher wages and provide better benefits to keep their employees. Workers would have more flexibility in choosing their occupation, their employer and where they live. An Open Border takes food off your table and may leave you with insufficient funds to send your children to the best colleges and/or universities. Your vote makes a difference! You do have a choice!

Even the values of the Progressive Teddy Roosevelt are no longer championed by the current Democrat political leadership:
In an 1894 article on immigration, Roosevelt said, "We must Americanize in every way, in speech, in political ideas and principles, and in their way of looking at relations between church and state. We welcome the German and the Irishman who becomes an American. We have no use for the German or Irishman who remains such... He must revere only our flag, not only must it come first, but no other flag should even come second."

When I ask for your vote, it is not only for me, but for the values that have made America the most generous, most prosperous, and safest country in the World; filled with a freedom loving people that fight not only for their own Constitutional rights but the Constitutional rights of their fellow citizens. We even fight for the rights of other people around the World. (The cities that have a long history of being controlled by Democrat politicians, have proven to be the most dangerous, substandard, underperforming cities in America. It may be time for a change.) Let your vote, your families' votes, your friends' votes and your neighbors' votes preserve a conservative culture that has been proven to produce the best society in the World. After reading this page you know I am not the average candidate running for office. You have my pledge to make California great again!

State Assembly general election held on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

We have serious problems
That need serious solutions.
A flamboyant politician
may not be the answer.

Lincoln Pickard
802-B Hollister Street
San Diego, CA 92154
I have been your neighbor with this number for over 30 years.