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D-80 Assembly Race Heats Up

Mayor Filner’s election to the top spot in San Diego last fall set off a chain reaction of other contests, with politicians jockeying to move “up” the electoral food chain. Juan Vargas went to the House of Representatives. Ben Hueso moved over to the State Senate.

And so now we’re looking at that last deal in this political card game, as labor leader Lorena Gonzalez faces off again former Chula Vista councilman Steve Castaneda to fill Hueso’s old seat in the 80th Assembly District.

As with San Diego’s D4 race, it’s Democrat vs. Democrat. And, like the City of San Diego’s contest, there’s a smear campaign going on.

Imagine a Democrat using terms like “Union Boss and Lobbyist” against another Democrat.  Imagine allegations of $18,000 in fines, fines that simply never were levied against the smearee.

Hard to imagine, isn’t it?  Yet that’s what this week’s mailing from Steve Castaneda includes. We’re not quite sure who paid for this yet, but…if it walks like a duck…

But Wait! There’s More!Lincoln Pickard and Sharon Angle from the US Gun Club Meetup Group page

Lincoln Pickard and Sharon Angle from the US Gun Club Meetup Group page

Republican Lincoln Pickard has thrown his hat into the District 80 Assembly contest as a write-in candidate.  He very much wants you to go visit his web site.

(Here is where they mock our Christian Values to their fellow liberal/progressive Democrats.):
Pickard’s got lots of questions for you, the prospective voter, waiting in his little corner of the interwebs. Questions like:

Do you want human beings killed as they are coming down the birth canal?

Do you want marriage for homosexuals?

Do you want crosses and Christian words banned from public view?

Do you want homosexuality, condoms and Sharia law taught to young impressionable children?

I hope Pickard will be invited to as many debates as possible in District 80 over the next month. It will be refreshing to hear a Republican without a hidden agenda.

A few words from Lincoln:
(Your vote can express strong Christian values. Or your vote can acquiesce to the deterioration and eventual destruction of America and our values. Do you know which side you are backing? Do your friends know the values they are embracing? I, Lincoln Pickard, ask you these questions. In my opinion the San Diego Free Press uses spurious and subtle rhetoric to get people to vote for liberal/progressive Democrats. Many Democrat politicians profess to Christian values but while representing us they vote or acquiesce to killing babies in the womb or the birth canal. Democrats fight for homosexual marriage or acquiesce to it. Democrats can be found fighting against the display of crosses that memorialize those who have died. Democrats have fought against the public viewing of the Ten Commandments. Democrats back the unions which make it next to impossible to fire incompetent and even pedophile teachers. Democrats have passed laws that make it possible for boys to use girls bathrooms and showers in schools. And vice versa. In my opinion Obama Care, Common Core and Sharia Law will damage and weaken our country and we need to stand against all 3. I will continue to fight liberals, progressives and Democrats on these issues. I need your help to be successful in these battles.)

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U.S. Gun Club Meet Up Group

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