Your Next San Diego Mayor?

Lincoln Pickard

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Have you read my candidate statement?

I thank Eagle Forum for there kind words

We get the values that we vote for.
Voters elected Democrats that think kids can choose which bathroom to use on any given day.
The kids can choose: Will it be the boys or the girls bathroom and showers today?
Fight Back!
Start voting your values! Stop this nonsense! Vote Conservative Republican!
Thank you!

We live in the greatest country and the greatest city in the World.
Vote your hope and values not your fears.

I need your vote to get government out of the way of American resilience,
natural resources and innovation. Unshackled, our strong American spirit
can make San Diego a safer and more prosperous city!

Democrats believe government is the answer to most problems.
I believe Free Americans can and will overcome the obstacles we face.
Just like we have always done. (Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, etc.)
We have a Republic, can we keep it? (paraphrase from Ben Franklin).

Obama and the Democrat leadership want more government control and more taxes.
I will limit government and lower tax rates.
Obama and Dershowitz and other Democrats taunted us,
"Get the votes, win an election."
I need your help! Show these liberal/progressives how you feel!
Here in this Mayoral race you do have a choice.

If you pray, pray for the Liberty, Health, Prosperity and Safety of all freedom loving Americans who respect each other. Also pray that all citizens of the World learn the benefits of respecting the natural and/or God given rights of their fellow human beings. Prayer works. The more people who pray for a goal the better the prayers work. The more people included in your prayers, the more those prayers will enrich our lives.

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What does being an American mean to Lincoln?

Lincoln Pickard

Church: Bethany Assembly of God
916 Hollister Street
San Diego, CA 92154

My wife Betty and I send a big thank you to all the folks who signed my petiton to help put my name on the ballot for Mayor of San Diego. I hope I always remain worthy of your help and support.
I will be the no frills Mayor.
Let those spending their own money indulge in frills and luxuries.
Thank you!

The nomination papers have been filed and the fee has been paid.
We await official notication that Lincoln Pickard will be on the ballot.

Update: Lincoln Pickard has been notified that he is qualified to appear on the ballot.
Over 88% of the gathered signatures were accepted and verified by the Registrar of Voters.

"Disobedience to tyrants is Obedience to God." -Benjamin Franklin.