Lincoln Pickard for
South Bay Union School Board
Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank you for your vote!
We continue to strive to put the children first, teachers second, the administration third and the unions fourth. Your vote is always extremely important in keeping alive the values that make America the best country on earth. We continue the fight to keep America a Judeo-Christian country. We continue the fight to keep our country ruled by the U.S. Constitution and to also adhere to the values expressed in the Declaration of Independence. May God continue to bless our great and dearly loved country.
Thank you, again! Lincoln

South Bay Union Elementary School Board:
My Goal: Make sure kids learn the 5 R's.
Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, oRation and cReative thinking.
If a kid learns to read and write
and to do math
and is able to get up in front of at least a small group
and express his or her original ideas effectively,
that kid has the tools to continue to learn and to explore the world
and to be successful.
Kids need to learn about our Founding Fathers,
our Founding Documents
and the principles that make America the freest,
most prosperous,
most generous nation on earth.
Americans have always worked hard to be the best that we can be.
We must learn to win or lose graciously
but when losing to then strive harder in our next endeavor.

As Americans lose their morality, they lose their Freedom.
What did our Founding Fathers have to say about morality? Click Here.
Morality must not be ignored, especially in schools.

Children who regularly read the Bible,
score a grade point higher in school.

I continue to fight for the values
that make us proud to be Americans.

Lincoln Pickard

Just endorsed by Congressman Brian Bilbray: October 22, 2014

Recently endorsed by State Senator Mark Wyland.

I have been endorsed by Doctor and educator Stephan Guffanti, M.D.
Please check his website. Click here.

My list of supporters in the June 2014 City Council Race.

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